You are Unique, and so is your Constitution!

Human beings by nature are seekers.. some seek material wealth, some physical beauty, some spiritual growth.. what we seek is the result of what we perceive is missing in our life. The bigger the void, the bigger the value and the higher it appears on our priority list in the seven areas of life. Fears, guilt, conditioning, peer pressure seemingly create blocks in what we want to do. Fears can stagnate us, driving us into a downward spiral of sabotage and self-defeat. How do we change our perceptions from constantly seeking to actually finding what we want and being in a state of gratitude and certainty?

The answer lies in changing perceptions. Discovering that nothing is missing, except how we see things in our minds. Consider this, if the goal in life was meant to be happy, why do we learn the most from failures or the saddest times of our lives?

Happy and sad, positive and negative, mean and kind, war and peace, challenge and support are two sides of the same coin. Both have to exist in order for us to appreciate and learn from the opposite. The wholesomeness of life is half of each opposite. Both are integral to fulfillment.

The Demartini Method created by Dr. John Demartini is a series of questions directed towards assisting the individual to resolve conflict, remove stress, stagnation, clear past issues, and neutralize emotional charges. The approach balances physical, mental reactions, opens the heart and clears the mind.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old science that originated in India. Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, each individual’s unique constitution is a very distinct combination of the five elements of space, air, fire, water and earth  — physical, mental, and emotional characteristics that can be categorized into three basic energy types called doshas.

  • Vata — energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and heartbeat. Balanced vata energy represents creativity and vitality. Out of balance, vata produces distraction, fear and anxiety.
  • Pitta — energy that controls the body’s metabolic systems, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and temperature. In balance, pitta leads to logic, balanced work energy and intelligence. Out of balance, pitta can cause poor vision, overwork, sunburn, ulcers and arouse anger.
  • Kapha — energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisturizes the skin, and maintains the immune system. In balance, kapha is expressed as love and forgiveness. Out of balance, kapha leads to weight gain, insecurity and envy.

Everyone has vata, pitta and kapha, but usually 1 or 2 are dominant in a particular person. Many things can disturb the energy balance, such as stress, an unhealthy diet, the weather, and strained relationships. The disturbance shows up as disease. Changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle, yogic postures, breathing exercises are recommended to regain and maintain the balance of energies. Understanding the Self via the Demartini Method and Ayurveda brings about long lasting understanding, self love and balance.

Love & Light!