Mother’s Day 2012

Reflecting on mother’s day, as a mother and a daughter, brought a mix of thoughts to my mind.

There is the physical, biological mother and then there millions of emotional, spiritual mothers who are watching over us like angels, laughing at our mistakes, scolding us for being so full of ourselves, that we forget to see where we are heading.

Those who are savoring our every act of joy, sorrow and defeat, as we evolve into higher states of maturity and growth. They never rest, they are with us every minute, one or many, male or female, far or near, real or virtual, we sometimes forget to see them for the form they take in our multi-tasking, crazy lives.

Their nurturing knows no boundaries, sometimes they are the epitome of kindness and love, at other times, the evil stepmothers in a Disney movie..

Love them for who they are.

If the meanest person in your life was a blob in a classroom at the teachers desk, what are they trying so hard to teach you? And know this…. If you flunk this class, the blob goes away, another appears and you start the lesson all over again.

So, students of life, love and journeys, stop for a millisecond, find the strictest teacher in your class and thank them for the tough lessons they are doling out. They only have your interest in mind and at heart.

And if, for even an instant, you feel sorry for yourself, don’t wait for Vandana to bring the cheese to your whine.