You won’t attract an opportunity without a challenge, and happiness comes hand in hand with sadness. The moment that you realize this balance and observe the perfect equilibrium around you is the day you become liberated. At that moment you will know that the world is perfectly balanced, both within and without. It is then that you are able to manage your own life and no longer be controlled by the praise and blame that often run the lives of those who remain unaware of this mystery. That is when you begin to forge your own destiny, and allow the enlightened part of you that knows this mystery to direct your life; rather than allow the part of you that hopes and fears to run it. ~ Dr. John Demartini

The Demartini Method is an interactive series of questions and answers that lead you to change perceptions and bring certainty and gratitude for past experiences. As a cutting-edge personal transformation methodology, The Demartini Method® can assist you in transforming all seven areas of your life:


  • Awakens your mind to an underlying hidden order.
  • Awakens and humbles your mind to a greater intelligence inherent in nature.
  • Opens your mind to greater wisdom and truth.
  • Opens your heart to greater love and appreciation.


  • Organizes your ideas and thoughts, bringing order out of chaos.
  • Expands your mind and awakens your intuitive faculties.
  • Clears away your emotionally-charged memories and imaginings.
  • Helps you develop more certainty and presence.


  • Adds more certainty and clarity to your career direction.
  • Enables you to see the pros and cons of decisions, in advance.
  • Inspires a greater inner drive. Increases wise action and decreases foolish reaction.


  • Helps you develop greater self-worth.
  • Decreases your excuses that tend to sabotage wealth.
  • Moderates your over or under spending.
  • Expands your time horizons and patience.


  • Enhances intimate communication.
  • Resolves conflict.
  • Decreases blame.
  • Adds respect and understanding.


  • Generates leadership qualities.
  • Helps you breakthrough fears and guilt.
  • Adds clarity to your mission and direction.
  • Brings understanding to world events.


  • Clears emotionally charged tensions.
  • Dissolves stress and adds vitality.
  • Calms emotions and relaxes muscles.