In our hectic multi tasking lives, we often forget to eat, overindulge on weekends and in general lead unconscious lives full of guilt and resentment about our poor food choices.

This leads to chronic constipation, tummy upsets or worse a mix of both, throwing off schedules and plans.

The Digestion Restore program focuses on a complete evaluation of your diet, food habits, addictions (if any) and recommends changes to restore a healthy appetite while eating foods that are right for you. It gives a better understanding about what food means to you according to your constitution, how it was affecting you in unwelcome ways and finding the solution towards balance and good digestion.

As ancient ayurvedists like to say, if the diet is right, medicine is not needed, if the diet is wrong, medicine won’t work. Balance is key to living a healthy fulfilled life and having good digestion is key in restoring balance.

Pricing: Please call to make an appointment for an evaluation so we may better direct you towards a digestion restore plan.

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