Discover Your Dosha:

To determine your dosha or unique constitution, it’s best to mark the answers that describe you over the years. What has been consistent. That is your dosha. The column with the highest points is your primary and the second highest is your secondary dosha. Fill the test again to determine whats different currently. That is the vikruti or the imbalanced dosha.After finishing the questionnaire, press the “calculate results” (located left of the page) button to discover your Doshas. If you make a mistake, just click the box again to de-select. Or if you would like to try again, press the erase & start over button (located left of the page). Most of us will have one Dosha predominant, a few will have two Doshas approximately equal and even fewer will have all three Doshas in equal proportion.

(air and space)
(fire & water)
(water & earth)
Physical frame slim, lanky, small frame light bones Moderate, medium build Large sturdy, roundish features, thick hair, well developed
Body Weight Light, bony, difficulty gaining weight Gain and lose weight easily, moderate, good muscles Difficult to lose weight, always fighting to maintain weight
Skin Cool, rough, dry, cracked, prominent veins Fair, soft, warm, tendency to get sunburn, prone to freckles, redness, bruising, moles warm or cool, smooth and moist skin. Oily to normal, prone to acne
Hair Dry, frizzy, brittle, scarce Straight, oily, blond, gray, red, bald thick, oily, wavy, curly, luxuriant
Teeth Protruding, big, roomy, thin gums Medium, soft, tender gums Healthy, white, strong gums
Eyes Dry, small, sunken, active, brown or black, nervous Sharp, bright, gray, green yellow, Sensitive to light, easily inflammed, tendency towards redness Big, beautiful, calm, blue, loving
Chin Thin, angular Tapering Rounded, double
Cheeks Wrinkled, shrunken Smoot, flat Rounded, plump
Nose Uneven shape, deviated septum Long, pointed, red nose tip Short, rounded, button nose
Nails Dry, brown, black, knotted, brittle Sharp, flexible, pink, lustrous thick, oily, smooth, polished
Belly Thin, flat, sunken Moderate Big, pot bellied
Joints Cold, cracking Moderate Large, lubricated
Appetite Irregular, scanty Strong, unbearable slow, but steady
Digestion Irregular, tendency to bloating and gas Quick, causes burning prolonged, forms mucous
Thirst Irregular Surplus Sparse
Taste (healthy preference) Sweet, sour, salty Sweet, bitter, astringent Bitter, pungent, astringent
Elimination Constipation, once daily or less Loose, two or more daily Thick, oily, sluggish, once or twice daily
Physical activity Hyperactive Moderate Slow
Mental Activity Hyperactive, clairvoyant, tend to understand very quickly, but forget easily, anxiety, fear, uncertainty Moderate, logical thinker, organized, tendency towards anger, jeolousy, hate Slow, dull do not like new experiences, tendency to greed, attachment, like doing repetitive work
Speech Rapid, unclear Sharp, penetrating Slow, monotonous
Financial Poor, spends on trifles Spends money on luxuries Rich, good money preserver
Memory Recent: good, remote: poor Distinct Slow and exact
Sleep Scanty, light sleep, dreams are quick, active, fearful Little but sound, dreams of war, violence Slow and sustained, dreams of lakes, snow, romance
Sweat Very little A lot A lot when exercising

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