Mental Constitution

Diet Vegetarian Some meat Heavy meat diet
Drugs, alcohol & stimulants Never Occasionally Frequently
Sensory Impressions Calm, pure Mixed Disturbed
Need for sleep Little Moderate Disturbed
Sexual Activity Little Moderate High
Control of senses Good Moderate Weak
Speech Calm & peaceful Agitated Dull
Cleanliness High Moderate Low
Work Selfless For personal goals Lazy
Anger Rarely Sometimes Frequently
Fear Rarely Sometimes Frequently
Desire Little Some Much
Pride Modest Some ego Vain
Depression Never Sometimes Frequently
Love Universal Personal Lacking in love
Violent Behaviour Never Sometimes Frequently
Attachment to Money Little Some A lot
Contentment Usually Partly Never
Forgiveness Forgives easily With Effort Holds long term grudges
Concentration Good Moderate Poor
Memory Good Moderate Poor
Will Power Recent: good, remote: poor Distinct Slow and exact
Truthfulness Always Most of the time Rarely
Honesty Always Most of the time Rarely
Peace of mind Generally Partly Never
Creativity High Moderate Low
Spiritual Study Daily Occasionally Never
Mantra, prayer Daily Occasionally Never
Meditation Daily Occasionally Never
Service Much Some None