We educate and provide restorative and preventive workshops, private consultations and supplements to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

The road to Balance combines the Demartini Method and Ayurveda to effectively deal with relationship issues, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, vocational and financial hurdles, social and familial conflict, eating disorders, loss, fears, guilt, depression, elation, addictions, sub dictions and many other areas that prevent us from reaching our true potential.

We can help you with the following:

  • Determine your unique constitution according to Ayurveda with a complete health and lifestyle assessment
  • Guide you through natural, ayurvedic 9 day detox
  • Restore balance with changes in diet and  lifestyle
  • Relief from allergies
  • Relationship counseling
  • Get rid of guilt, fear and emotional baggage that runs your life.
  • Address unresolved emotions that lead to self sabotage and addictions.
  • Define purpose, priorities and vision
  • Remove stress by reconciling and dissolving conflict
  • Link daily actions with long range goals
  • Adapt and embrace change
  • Experience gratitude, love, certainty and presence