Pitta types or the fire constitution types are pungent, which makes them intense, hot and irritable. Usually medium in height, weight and endurance, their skin in light, and is most susceptible to sunburn. They have plenty of freckles or moles, their hair tends to be straight and their appetites are always good. Pitta types love intensity and confrontation. If they miss a meal, they will “consume” any unwary bystander with their stored anger. They love food and usually enjoy good digestion. Pitta minds are powerful, competitive spirits, they tend to be impatient, work long hours, sleep well. The pungent taste makes them angry quickly and most pitta types suffer from hair loss at an early age.

Balanced pittas are leaders, love meeting goals and competing for everything. Even with their partners or themselves.

Pittas do well with staying cool during summer and hot temperatures, pacing their work, eating normal meals on time, that balance their dosha and meditating on letting go.

Foods that are suitable for your dosha: Dosha Food Balancing Chart