Private 9 Day Ayurvedic Detox via video conference

Practitioner: Dana Tilak

In Ayurvedic medicine, digestion is the key to maintaining health and longevity. A strong digestion means a strong body. Digestion is a reflection of your mental-physical-spiritual state of balance.

Poor dietary habits, stress and environmental pollutants can weaken your digestion. A weak digestion results in the accumulation of toxins (known as ama in ayurveda), which in turn causes disease and aging. Signs of poor digestion and toxins are fatigue, lack of mental clarity, depression, recurrent infections and weight gain.

Just from the experience of past clients, we have seen benefits ranging from relief from allergies, constipation, fatigue, rashes, joint problems, muscle aches, weight loss…the list could really go on and on. But for most people, we recommend that they kick-start their wellness journey with a cleansing program, no matter the ultimate goal. There are so many issues that don’t have to be a part of our lives if we only take the time to reset our digestive systems and remove the toxins that tend to build up.

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