4 Day Refresher Detox Workshop


Product Description

According to Ayurveda, forgetting to eat according to your dosha or ignoring simple ways of staying healthy, causes a build up of toxins that hinder clean digestion.

The Oshan Center offers a full 9 day guided detox for first time students.

Now, with the holidays and New Years behind us, it’s time to clean up with a shorter effective detox that stimulates the digestive fire and gets rid of toxins.

We will present new information on Ayurveda besides providing the process, handout and supplements you will need.

You will learn about Herbs and kitchen remedies that grandma used but are steeped in the ayurvedic tradition. Also, more on prevention and getting ready for allergy and the spring season.

Who should join:

Students who have completed the nine day detox successfully within the last 6 months and would like to maintain a cleanse routine in the ayurvedic tradition. Also, past detox students who want to start on a weight loss program.

Please contact us for more details about the weight loss program to questions@oshancenter.com

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