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Program description:

In Ayurvedic medicine, digestion is the key to maintaining health and longevity. A strong digestion means a healthy body. Digestion is a reflection of your mental-physical-spiritual state of balance.

Poor dietary habits, stress and environmental pollutants can weaken your digestion. A weak digestion results in the accumulation of toxins (known as ama in ayurveda), which in turn causes disease and aging. Signs of poor digestion and toxins are lethargy, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, depression, recurrent infections and weight gain.

A good detox or cleanse focuses on clearing out the accumulated toxins, building a healthy digestive fire and balancing the tissues, elements, digestion and elimination processes in the body. The student learns how to remain in balance, a key component of digesting not just food, but digesting thought, emotions, experience and a host of variables that cross our path in our multi tasking lives.

Starting a weight loss regimen with detox is a perfect way to kick-start the journey to good health and awareness. Weight loss is a private and sensitive process that is more suitable for a private session with the practitioner.

What we do:

We provide a simple guided group detox program, followed by a customized individual weight loss program for your constitution and requirements.

Physical weight loss:
Complete evaluation of your Diet, lifestyle and Exercise routine
Provide detailed diet and exercise recommendations based on Ayurveda
Provide supplements that support weight loss
Educate you about the imbalances, supplements and how changes in diet, eating according to your constitution and making simple changes can bring big results.

Emotional adjustments for a healthy restart
Most imbalances start with the mind. When the individual’s thought patterns change, the mind sees a different perspective; when the mind changes, the body follows. Weight loss is more an exercise of thought than body. Exercise is vitally important, but has to be according to your unique constitution.

Results from completing the program:

Weight loss

Better digestion
Mental clarity
Renewed perspectives on diet and lifestyle
Greater awareness in all seven areas of your life
No more lethargy, confusion and second guessing everything.
No more bad breath, coated tongue.

Health is a lifelong process and so is disease.. it is time to turn it around towards health and wellness.