Transformational Breakthrough Workshop November 16th, 2013



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Have you found yourself asking the question, if only he / she would say this or do this or behave differently, it would be so much easier to love him / her?Would you love to..

  • Integrate love in your current relationships
  • Dissolve past relationship issues
  • Neutralize fears, guilt and resentment
  • Deal with trauma or loss
  • Know your Self and see the perfection of your existence

If the answer is yes, I will show you exactly how..

It is the most loving thing you can do for yourself or for the people in your life, to love them unconditionally and live according to your highest values.

I have over the years helped many, many people shift perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad, mean and kind, selfish and generous… labels that run our lives. Completing the process brings grace, opens your heart to the perfection that is before you and propels you to honor your own true values.You work with a worksheet on your own, at your own pace.We start at 8 am and end when everyone in the class is done with their collapse. Please be prepared to stay until everyone is done. It usually takes about 5-6 hours. There are no breaks, you take your own break, bring some snacks if you need to.

The Demartini Method founded by world-renowned Dr. John Demartini and one of the teachers in the book “The Secret” is an interactive series of questions that breaks down lop sided perceptions to the point of certainty and gratitude. The Demartini Breakthrough Method is:

  • A systematic pre-determined series of mental questions directed toward the objective of assisting you to feel present, certainty and gratitude.
  • A procedure that neutralizes your emotional charges, balances mental and physical reactions, opens the heart and clears the mind.
  • A continuous thinking process and writing action repeated over a course of time that results in a resolution of dis-equilibrated perceptions.
  • A reproducible science enabling individuals to discover the underlying order governing their apparent daily chaos.

Cost of the class: $ 145.00 early bird until November 10th. 185.00 regular registration

About Dana Tilak: Dana is a certified ayurvedic practitioner and Demartini Facilitator since 2002. Her vision and ability to unify the ancient science of ayurveda, the modern teachings of Dr. John Demartini and the spirituality of Osho have led her to help hundreds of people over the years.

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