“Lost 7 lbs during detox and 3 lbs. more since then. The bloating, gassy feeling is gone. I feel lighter, sleep better, get up earlier, drink only on the weekend, more energy, eating only organic so far. all is for the better, I like it..”



“Lost weight, digestion improved considerably. Started getting up early in the morning. Loved the small group support during detox.”

-Khush S


“I experienced lightness, loss of weight, better digestion and more clarity. I am so impressed with Vandana Tilak and the Oshan Center! I had never done a detox before and I was nervous when I signed up! But Vandana’s detox program, knowledge of ayurveda and her amazing support through the program was invaluable! I have come away feeling lighter, clearer and more aware of what I need to do to continue being healthy! I can’t wait to let my family and friends know!! Thank you!”

-Smrithi N


I was at a workshop presented by Dana during the South Bay Yoga Conference in Redondo Beach.. Dana not only explained ayurveda (which was completely new to me) in a very easy to understand layman’s language, the information was life changing to me personally.. I will definitely go for the detox program offered at the Oshan Center.

-Jennifer R


I completed the detox program 5 weeks ago. Not only did I lose weight and continue to do so because of the guidelines I got during class, but I have not taken an allergy pill in 5 weeks. Lost weight and my allergies.

-Sonia S


“Dana is a great listener; very intuitive and sincere in her observations. With the help of the Demartini Method, she was able to help me see a whole new perspective about my own experience and relationship. It not only freed me by getting rid of the guilt and pain, but also helped me see myself in a new light.”

-Irene J


Just wanted to thank you for Aurveda detox program. It definitely helped me. I just wished I was not working as hard in those days.
The funniest thing is after thinking a lot I realized I had never done anything for myself continuously for that many days with focus on myself.

-Dr. Pandit M.D.