Vata – Pitta

Vata Pitta types show the characteristics of each individually. Whether the primary is a vata and secondary is pitta or vice versa, people with the dual constitution need to balance pitta in the summer and vata in the winter with the help of a proper doshic diet. When VP is unbalanced, fear usually alternates with anger in response to stress. Pittas are born leaders, while the vatas tendency to self doubt is an added advantage in being able to step back and look at the bigger picture, when pitta is too close to the issue at hand. Vatas are creative, out of the box problem solvers making the dual pitta vata constitution a great combination that can give rise to new ideas but also put them into practice or motion with good organization and leadership skills.  Proper harnessing of the joint qualities of lightness and intensity lead to self-development at all levels. VP types most need stability. They need to be weighed down with the heaviness of kapha. Sweet taste is most important for them.