Vata types are usually thin and have trouble gaining weight, except when they do fanatically, which they do, to help stabilize themselves or refuel for the next round of activity. Their bodies are usually narrow, in the shoulders and hips and their joints often make cracking noises. Vata skins are dry, cool to the touch, their hair is course, dry and curly, prone to corns and calluses, and often complain of poor circulation. They tend to be fidgety, their appetites irregular, and their love for excitement leads them into irregular food habits that worsen their digestion. They usually suffer from chronic constipation due to innate astringency. Vatas types live erratic lives, and are light sleepers with trouble falling asleep. If changeability characterizes most of what you do, you are a vata.

Vatas thrive on regularity in their sleep, rest and diet routines. In a balanced state, vatas are creative, clear thinkers, and love new experiences. Vata types benefit most from grounding activities like meditation, sleep, hot, unctuous meals.

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